Major Key Differences Between Kratom Strains

Major Key Differences Between Kratom Strains

Major Key Differences Between Kratom Strains

More people are finding kratom. There is an increased need to learn more about this organic herb. People want to know the difference between kratom strains. Let’s uncover the major key differences between kratom strains! Yeah!

What Is A Kratom Strain?

Kratom types are divided into three different colors. Namely, Red-vein, White-vein, or Green-vein. This division depends on the color of the stem and vein of the leave. Consequently, this color determines the effect the kratom leaf will have. Therefore, differences in color lead to different effects.  It is also indicative of different chemical compositions. Specifically, the stem and vein are removed during the grinding process. Therefore only the leaf that is taken. This leaves the leaf without the stem and vein.

Lastly, different kratom strains thrive in different conditions.  Most importantly, they contain various alkaloids that produce their own effects.

Differences Between Red Variations

  • Red Vein – We harvest Red Vein Kratom from the tallest leaves on the tree. These leaves get the most sunlight in densely packed jungles. Red vein varieties lean towards a stronger, more robust aroma.
  • Bali – Bali is the classic starting point for newer Kratom users. This popular strain comes from Bali and Indonesia
  • Thai – Thai vein kratom is similar to the Red Bali strain. However, this strain comes from Thailand
  • Indo – Indo strain is from Indonesia. It is known for its invigorating aroma
  • Maeng Da – Maeng Da is the most powerful variety available. It has a very stimulating aroma
  • Malay – People note Malay strains for their more relaxing aroma. This strain is from Malaysia

Green Variations

  • Green Vein – Green veil comes from leaves low on the trees. We favor green veins for their more relaxing aromas.
  • Bali – Bali grows and is harvested on the island of Bali. We know this strain for its relaxing aroma
  • Thai – This strain is from Thailand. It offers a mild aroma
  • Indo – This strain is from Indonesia. It offers a soothing aroma
  • Maeng Da – Maeng Da strains are popular. The Green variety is no exception. This strain is known to have more of an energizing aroma but is not overly strong
  • Malay – This strain is from Malaysia. It has a more stimulating aroma

White Variations

  • White Vein – These leaves grow in the middle of the tree
  • Bali – This strain is from the island of Bali. The White Bali strain offers a milder aroma
  • Thai – This strain is from Thailand. It is similar to White Bali strains
  • Indo – From Western Indonesia, this strain offers a more stimulating aroma than White Bali and White Thai
  • Maeng Da – From the jungles of Indonesia, this strain offers a very stimulating aroma
  • Malay – Lastly, another strain that offers a more relaxing, soothing aroma. This strain is harvested from Malaysia


Wrap Up

In conclusion, if you’re interested in including kratom in your daily dietary routine. Most importantly, educate yourself of the various strains and varieties of kratom that are available on the market. Additionally, if you are looking to buy ultra kratom capsules online or pure kratom powder, visit our website at Kratom Products Online. For additional information call us at 888-223-0777 or fill out the contact form.

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