How To Prepare Kratom Capsules At Home?

kratom capsules

More people are exploring kratom online. The organic herb gains popularity in the western world. People on social media platforms like YouTube show us how to prepare our own kratom capsules at home. But, it is worth inquiring whether creating your own kratom capsules is worthwhile. If interested in researching kratom on your own, try this link. Let’s dive into it:

Traditional Method Of Using Kratom

People of the eastern world enjoy kratom in many ways and for many centuries. Historically, herb leaves were chewed directly. There wasn’t anything like powdered kratom in that world. The herb leaves were chewed to improve concentration, focus, increase productivity, and alleviate chronic pain. Dried kratom leaves could also be brewed into kratom tea. The eastern world still uses these traditional methods. However, there are far more sophisticated methods today to consume kratom.

Modern Method Of Using Kratom

The modern population consumes kratom in either powdered or capsule form. Additionally, kratom extracts gain tremendous popularity. Extracts are more concentrated than kratom powder. So, it is important to take the necessary precautions. Have an idea of kratom doses before consuming kratom extract. With our hectic lives, kratom capsules seem to be a feasible method of consuming the herb. Those who have some extra time and preference, choose to go with powdered kratom.

How Kratom Capsules Are Made?

Industrial machines in specific controlled environments make kratom capsules. This method does not alter the concentration of the product. This helps in creating capsules with specifically measured doses. It also prevents adulteration of the product. Some people encapsulate kratom with their hands. This method is less precise but may be done in a controlled environment. Both these methods have their own benefits and disadvantages. Purity and consistency are factors.


Now, if you’re still interested in making your own kratom capsules at home, let’s understand how it can be done.


  • You will need clean tools to start with the process, which include scrapers, scoops, encapsulation trays, and scales.
  • Decide the common capsule weight that you would like and this is where the scale can come to your aid.
  • Make sure that you check the capsule weight regularly so that the dosages are consistent.
  • Maintain a record of how many capsules you have encapsulated with the amount of kratom powder you have.

Wrap Up

Alternatively, you can escape all of this hassle of creating kratom capsules by simply buying kratom capsules online from a reputable store like Kratom Products Online. If you still want to test your creative side, you can also buy pure kratom powder from a reputable merchant. To gain additional information on kratom and its strain or buy kratom powder online, contact us at 888-223-0777 or fill out the contact form.